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Quality improvement at a galvanizing company in Groningen

Background information

Coatinc Groningen is a modern galvanizing company, part of the international The Coatinc Company, where they among other things pre-treat, galvanize and powder coat the steel products. This way a durable protection layer is added to these products.

The challenge

The logistics departement plays a big central role within Coatinc. Their quick deliveries gives them a competitive advantage. Coatinc, however, wants to optimize their logistic process even more and thereby shorten the delivery times even more. To be able to optimize you have to know what and where in the process it needs improvement. They noticed they had not sufficient (structured) insights in the actions that went wrong in the logistic process, that could lead to clients getting their delivery too late or sometimes not at all. The need arose to have this clearly in picture.

The solution

The ideal method at Coatinc to get structured insights was to register all possible failures and disruptions in the logistic and production process via the mobile app. Employees are walking around and everything that disrupts the flow or goes wrong is registered at once using the mobile app. When necessary they can also send some pictures with it.

The disruptions found can immediately be linked to actions. These action lists make it insightful if the actions that go wrong are acutally being solved. Using the trend analysis it gets clear if a failure is going to repeat itself or if it is solved permanently.