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Datadriven management

No more gut feelings, just fact-based management.

Do you often think you can get more productivity, but you don't know exactly how? That you have a feeling some parts are broken too often, a logistical operation goes wrong too often or takes too much time, the machine is running too slow etc, but you simply don't have hard data of it?

With ProMISe it belongs to the past. This tool makes it easy to register all disruptions in the process including the root causes. With system integration it can even be done automatically. ProMISe can be linked to the PLC/SCADA systems of the machines and reads out signals like: machine running or not. These parameters are clearly displayed in an OEE graph or a Pareto analysis, and you can see where and what in your production process causes the most disruptions. Once that is clear you can take actions to prevent them.

No more decisions based on gut feelings, but simply fact-based management.